Shadow Creation

What Is Shadow Creation?


Shadow is proof of authenticity. When an editor removes the background of a product sometimes, it looks unrealistic. When you make a shadow under the product. It looks more realistic and eye-catching. a Shadow Creation is a visual effect of using tools in product photography.

How to create a shadow in photo?

Creating Shadow is a hard thing in photoshop. If you can’t do it perfectly. it will look so fake. So, We focus on editor experience and perfection. There are mainly three types of shadow.  Create Shadow, Natural Shadow, Reflection Shadow. The shadow type depends on the product. We are able to do all types of shadow. 

Shadow Creation Categories

Shadow jobs can be either simple or complex. It depends on the type of shadow and product of the images. Here are the main Shadow service categories:

Create Shadow:-
After photoshoot, a product when we change the background its looks unprofessional without shadow. We need to create a shadow under the product. So its look perfect and clean We charge $0.39 Per images 

Reflection Shadow:-
When we add reflection shadow under the product. it look as if your product was photographed on a reflective surface, like a glass mirror. We charge $0.29 per image 

Floating Shadow:-
if the object was floating in mid-air and therefore needed a customized Floating shadow. So, the product looks as staying at mid-air. 

Natural Shadow:-
Natural Shadow is a method where the background gets removed and put a shadow that seems quite natural. We charge $0.39 per image

How much do shadow creation services cost?

Mainly, Shadow Creation is needed by all eCommerce businesses. Normally, Per image $0.29 is fine for an easy task. We create every shadow by hand using photoshop. 

Who need shadow creation services?

Shadow service is necessary mostly for people who are product photographers or have their own online store or eCommerce business. Consumers want to see products in white background with shadows. Many photographers and E-commerce companies want to cut out images from unnecessary backgrounds and add a shadow under the product.  So, shadow  service is needed to a Photographer, Retailer, Store owner, Business owner, Online clothing stores, Online Product stores, Ad agencies, Photo studio houses, E-commerce product photography, etc

Why you should choose Hello Edits for shadow creation job?

Services Quality:-

We have a team 97+ Senior Graphic Designers. They are ready to provide you high-quality output image editing service. We keep on working until we touch the perfection. Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Photo Editing Guru makes sure 100% client satisfaction.


We all are well-aware of the value of time. Quick response and timely delivery are an important part of eCommerce business. Therefore, Meeting the deadline is very much important to us. Photo Editing Guru always keeps their Promise about the deadline. 

Affordable Price:-

You will get an affordable price for your project and there is no compromise with quality. Whether you have one photo or a batch of thousand photos, you’ll have no trouble fitting our services at affordable price. We also love to hear client budgets to make them happier.

So, let’s make your online business successful

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