What is Commercial Photography: Types and Examples

What is Commercial Photography

Commercial photography refers to photographing a particular product that is used to sell or promote the product. Product photography, lifestyle photography, clothing photography, and fashion photography all fall under the umbrella of e-commerce photography.

What are the examples of commercial photography?

There are so many types of commercial photography including Fashion photography, food photography, architecture photography, headshots, portrait photography, lifestyle photography, Product Photography and real estate photography. Those are just some of the types of photos that fall under the commercial photography category.

Where is commercial photography used?

Commercial photography involves capturing images of products or services for promotional purposes. It is used in product catalogs, billboards, posters, magazine pages, online advertisements, social media, etc. Most of the images are used in online shops and advertising.

Types of Commercial Photography

There are numerous genres within commercial photography, each demanding specific skills and equipment setups. Pursuing a career in commercial photography can be highly rewarding, but it’s crucial to master the craft and make informed investments in the right gear.

For commercial photography, you need to be skilled in both photography and photo retouching. Most of the time, you’ll need to edit photos like a pro after completing the photoshoot. Here are some types of commercial photography:

1. Fashion Photography

Fashion photography focuses on clothing, fashion items, and their display. This role is a combination of product photography, portrait photography, and fine art photography. 

A fashion photographer not only captures photos of products but also selects poses, lighting, and backgrounds to create a beautiful output with a professional and unique vibe. They cover everything from advertising, model portfolios, editorial shoots, brand catalogs, individual shoots, and much more.

2. Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is a genre of photography that focuses on capturing the likeness, personality, and mood of an individual or a group of people. The primary goal of portrait photography is to convey the subject’s character and emotions. 

Portrait photography is commonly used for a wide range of purposes, including personal and family portraits, professional headshots, modeling portfolios, and corporate branding.

3. Food Photography

Food photography is a specialized field that involves taking photos of food and beverages. These are aesthetically pleasing photographs of various dishes, ingredients, and culinary creations. Food photography is commonly used in cookbooks, food magazines, restaurant menus, advertising, social media, and culinary blogs to showcase the beauty and appeal of food.

For food photography, you need to pay attention to the details and have an understanding of food presentation and styling, which is very important. The goal is to make the viewer crave the food and convey its taste and quality through imagery.

4. Product Photography

Product photography refers to taking accurate and professional photos of your products. The primary goal of product photography is to showcase products in a way that highlights their features, details, and overall appeal to potential customers. These photos are used in advertising, e-commerce websites, catalogs, brochures, and various marketing materials to promote and sell products effectively.

Their work plays a critical role in marketing and sales, as high-quality product images can significantly impact a customer’s decision to purchase a product online or in-store.

5. Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is a genre of photography that captures candid and authentic moments from people’s everyday lives in a natural and unposed manner. They often involves documenting real-life situations, relationships, and emotions, rather than creating highly staged or posed images.

Lifestyle photographers focus on telling a visual story by capturing moments and emotions as they naturally occur. Lifestyle photography is commonly used in various contexts, including advertising, editorial work, fashion, family and portrait photography, travel and tourism, and social media content. 

6. Real Estate Photography

Real estate photographers capture high-quality images of both residential and commercial properties for the purpose of marketing and advertising. The primary goal of real estate photography is to present properties in the most appealing and accurate way possible to attract potential buyers or renters. These photographs are typically used in real estate listings, brochures, websites, and other marketing materials.

7. Headshot Photography

Headshot photography is a portrait-style photography that focuses on capturing close-up portraits of individuals, typically from the shoulders up, with an emphasis on their face. Headshots are commonly used for professional purposes, such as in business profiles, corporate websites, actor and model portfolios, social media profiles, and marketing materials.

Headshot photographers work closely with their subjects to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, fostering rapport and trust to capture genuine and expressive facial expressions.

8. Event Photography

Event photographers capture photos of various events and occasions. These events can include weddings, corporate conferences, parties, or festivals. Event photographers often meet with clients or event organizers to discuss the specific requirements and expectations for the event. They may also visit the event location in advance to scout for the best angles, lighting conditions, and any potential challenges.

The Bottom Line

Commercial Photography demand is increasing day by day. There are 12 to 24 million online stores, and every company needs commercial photography services. So, choosing a career in commercial photography is a great option. However, you need to study it to improve. This will help you build your photography brand, and your recognition will increase faster.

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