10 Best Photo Editing Services (for Everyone)

Hold on! Struggling to find a photo editing service provider that meets your needs? Don’t put your camera away just yet! Stay tuned and read on. I’ve compiled the ultimate list of the best photo editing services, with clear indications of who should use which company for their specific photo editing needs.

In this article, you’ll discover the top Photo Editing companies for:

  • Product Photo Editing: Perfect for getting your online store images to look professional and appealing.
  • Fashion Photo Editing: Ensure your models look flawless and your outfits pop.
  • 3D Ghost Mannequin: Make your clothes stand out without showing the mannequin.
  • Flat Photography: Ideal for those clean, simple product shots.
  • Model Photography: Highlight your models’ best features and make them shine.
  • Portrait Retouching: Get those perfect headshots or family photos.
  • High-End Retouching: For that magazine-quality finish.
  • Clipping Path: Cut out images precisely for clean, crisp edges.
  • Wedding Photo Editing: Make those special moments even more memorable.
  • Real Estate Photo Editing: Show off properties in the best light.
  • Photo Manipulations: Turn your creative visions into reality.
  • Photo Restoration: Bring old, damaged photos back to life.
  • Jewelry Photo Editing: Make your gems sparkle and shine like never before.

Photo Editing Services for Ecommerce Photography

1. Hello Edits

Hello Edits is the best photo editing company for commercial photo editing, including product photo editing, clothing photo editing, 3D mannequin photo editing, clipping path, and model photo editing. They offer 100% client satisfaction, and the prices are affordable. 

If you are a product photographer or have an e-commerce shop that needs professional photo editing, Hello Edits is the best choice for you. They can deliver up to 2000 images in a day and have a team of 200 professional photo retouchers. Their starting price is just $0.29 per image, with a standard turnaround time of 24 hours. If you need your images even faster, you can opt for rush delivery, which offers 6 and 12-hour turnaround options.

2. Clipping Path Shop

Clipping Path Shop is another excellent choice for commercial photography editing. They offer specific services, including clipping path, 3D ghost mannequins, clipping masking, photo retouching, shadow creation, and more. If you need a reliable photo editing company for your commercial photography, Clipping Path Shop could be your best photo post-processing partner.

Clipping Path Shop has over 150 photo retouchers and can deliver 1500 images in a day. Their starting price is just $0.25 per image, with a 24-hour turnaround time. They frequently collaborate with many large eCommerce companies as a photo post-processing partner.

3. Offshore Clipping

Offshore Clipping offers eCommerce photo editing services, including clipping path, ghost mannequin, image masking, drop shadow, photo retouching, and raster to vector conversion. They have a strong reputation as the best photo editing company for eCommerce photos and have been featured on many famous platforms, including All About Photo, Photography Course, and Pixpa.

Offshore Clipping can deliver up to 5000 images in a day, and their starting price is $0.29 per image. You can get an estimated cost on their pricing page before submitting an order. Their turnaround times are 6, 12, 24, and 48 hours. While there are thousands of photo editing companies, few have the capability to provide standard services like Offshore Clipping.

Photo Editing Services for Wedding Photography

4 Fix The Photo

For wedding photo editing, there are some great companies, and Fix the Photo is one of the most popular and best choices. This company specializes in retouching photos, and their prices are quite reasonable. They offer a wide range of photo editing services, including wedding editing, portrait photo editing, newborn baby editing, jewelry editing, photo manipulation, real estate photo editing, and many more.

Fix the Photo has over 90 experienced retouchers and has completed over 2 million orders since they started their business. Their starting price is $0.25 per image for wedding photos, but the price can vary depending on the type of retouching service you need. If you are looking for the best wedding photo editing company, you can confidently choose Fix the Photo.

5. Ephotovn

Ephotovn offers many editing services, but they excel at wedding photo editing. With Ephotovn, they guarantee expert wedding photo editing that will make your clients proud. You can hire them for fixing skin tones, removing blemishes, color correction, teeth whitening, hair retouching, brightness and contrast adjustment, and object removal.

Ephotovn charges $0.30 per image for wedding photography with a 24-hour turnaround. They also offer many other editing services, including portrait retouching, real estate photo editing, and product photo editing.

6. WeEdit.Photos

WeEdit Photos is a photo retouching service provider that offers a wide range of photo retouching services, including wedding editing, portrait photo editing, color correction, and glamour retouching. I recommend WeEdit Photos for wedding photography.

WeEdit Photos charges $0.25 per image for wedding photography and $2.50 per image for portrait retouching. They offer a 24-hour turnaround and guarantee 100% client satisfaction.

Photo Editing Services for Real Estate Photo Editing.

7. Photoup

PhotoUp specializes in real estate photo editing, providing services such as HDR blending, object removal, sky replacement, virtual staging, and more. Their goal is to help real estate professionals present properties in the best possible light, ensuring that photos are both visually appealing and true to life. They offer dedicated designers with monthly and yearly packages.

PhotoUp offers three packages for editing services. Their starter plan begins at $39 per month. It is advisable to review their pricing before placing an order, and I can assure you that their service will satisfy your needs. They have professional retouchers who specialize in real estate photo retouching, so their output will undoubtedly be excellent.

Photo Editing Services for Manipulations

It’s better to hire a freelancer for photo manipulations. You may have heard about Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, and Freelancer.com. Many individual editors are ready to edit your photos on these platforms. For specific editing needs, you can use these marketplaces.

8. Fiverr Freelance

Fiverr Photo Editing Services Gig

here are millions of freelancers providing digital services, including photo editing. For hiring an individual photo retoucher, these platforms are a great place to find the best editor for your projects. On Fiverr, when you place an order, the payment is held by Fiverr until the project is complete. You can release the payment after the project is done. There is also a review system where you can check the seller’s profile and read previous clients’ reviews to judge their experience and skills.

On Fiverr, you can place an order for as little as $5 to thousands of dollars. You can use this marketplace for photo manipulations, photo retouching, background removal, image masking, neck joint, and other editing services.

9. Upwork

Photo Editor Profile on Upwork

Upwork is a popular freelancing platform that connects clients with skilled professionals from around the world. It is an excellent resource for finding photo editing services for your specific needs. On Upwork, you can hire freelancers for various photo editing tasks, including retouching, color correction, background removal, photo manipulation, and more.

The process of hiring a photo editor on Upwork is straightforward. You start by posting a job listing with detailed requirements for your project. Freelancers then submit proposals, allowing you to review their profiles, portfolios, and client reviews. This helps you find the best match for your project based on their experience and skill level.

10. Freelancer

Freelancer.com is a widely recognized freelancing platform that connects clients with a vast network of skilled professionals, including expert photo editors. It offers a convenient and efficient way to find and hire freelancers for all your photo editing needs, from basic touch-ups to complex photo manipulations.

Freelancer.com makes it easy to find and hire talented photo editors, ensuring your images receive the professional touch they need to stand out.

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