Image Masking

What is Image Masking ?


Image Masking is a technique that helps to remove background perfectly from Hair, wool, or fur products. It is a non-destructive process of image editing but it is the Best technique for digital image editing. We all know that there are a couple of ways to separate the background of a photo and replace it with a new one.

Image masking is mainly used when need to remove backgrounds from hair, fur, and difficult borders. otherwise, If the product is a simple box or ring then the Pen tool is enough to remove the background by Clipping path. So, we only need to use the image masking method when we need to cut out a product or subject with hair, wool, or fur.

How to do image masking?

There are many ways to do image masking. The type of masking method depends on product borders. Let’s discuss the types of image masking. It is done in some different ways such as.

Layer masking

A layer mask is a grayscale image. It allows you to edit various portions of the image independently without altering other portions. Also, you can adjust the opacity and color adjust of the different parts of the image using this technique.

Clipping mask

Clipping masks in Photoshop are a powerful way to control the visibility of a layer and mask a layer on another layer. this way we can adjust two-layer with specific parts. Clipping Mask technique is used by professional picture editing services for creating images with varying transparency and making the subject more beautiful and eye-catching.

Alpha channel masking

To clip delicate structures such as hair, fur, fibers or fringes, a soft transition between the background and the subject must be created. With such fine details, one resorts to the method of alpha channel masking to preserve the natural state of these objects during the clipping.

Transparency Masking

If you want to directly edit layer transparency, it is possible to create a layer mask based on the layer transparency. In the Layers panel of photoshop, select the layer. Choose Layer > Layer Mask > From Transparency. You see a layer mask thumbnail that is linked to the original layer. 

Translucent Image Masking

It is an excellent extension of photoshop masking. It ensures smooth removal or knocking out the background of image. It has a unique application on transparent and translucent objects such as light ceramics, water fine edge jewelry, highlights, lighting, smoke, ice, glass and many more. This service is very used by companies who need to prepare catalogue for the promotion of the product, Ad firms, online stores.

How much do Image Masking services cost?

Normally, Per image $0.89 is fine for image masking. but when it comes to image complexity. firstly, we take a look at the image then fix the price for a quote. We provide handmade image masking with perfect pixels. 

Who need Image Masking services?

As an e-commerce businessman, Product Photographer, or retailer, you may need white background or colored background. If your goal is to sell in e-commerce marketplaces like ebay, Amazon or shopify, you will perhaps need white backgrounds for your product images. And also a photographer needs to change the background for post-production of product photography. 

Why you should choose Hello Edits for your Image Masking job?

Services Quality:-

We have a team 97+ Senior Graphic Designers. They are ready to provide you high-quality output image editing service. We keep on working until we touch the perfection. Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Photo Editing Guru makes sure 100% client satisfaction.


We all are well-aware of the value of time. Quick response and timely delivery are an important part of eCommerce business. Therefore, Meeting the deadline is very much important to us. Photo Editing Guru always keeps their Promise about the deadline. 

Affordable Price:-

You will get an affordable price for your project and there is no compromise with quality. Whether you have one photo or a batch of thousand photos, you’ll have no trouble fitting our services at affordable price. We also love to hear client budgets to make them happier.

So, let’s make your online business successful

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