10 Best Photo Retouching Service Companies of 2023

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I know you are looking for the best photo retouching company that provides good service at an affordable price and with a fast turnaround. To assist you in this pursuit, I’ve meticulously curated a list of the top 10 photo retouching service providers known for their impeccable reputation and exceptional work.

There are many companies available, but not all of them are professional or proficient in retouching photos. Therefore, I have identified these 10 best photo retouching companies to offer hassle-free professional service.

Photo retouching service is an essential part of photography. After capturing an image, you need to retouch it to make it perfect for printing and showcasing online. Tasks such as removing unwanted objects, changing backgrounds, color correction, and removing dust are all handled by a photo retouching service provider or photographer.

1. Hello Edits

Hello Edits has risen to become a leading Photo Retouching company, highly regarded for providing top-quality services. As an accredited partner of Adobe Photoshop, they have become my top choice for photo retouching services. Whether you’re a photographer or a business owner in need of a reliable photo retouching partner that takes care of all the necessary editing, Hello Edits is the perfect solution for you.

They offer their impeccable photo retouching services at an affordable price, starting at only $0.59 per image, with a guaranteed delivery time of 24 hours. Additionally, Hello Edits provides substantial discounts for bulk orders, all while ensuring the highest quality. For their valued regular clients, they offer the convenience of monthly payments, and of course, payment is made after the service is rendered, not in advance.

2. FixThePhoto

Whether it’s wedding photos or real estate pictures, FixThePhoto has got you covered for all your photo touch-up needs. They even have a store where you can get free Lightroom presets and Photoshop templates, perfect for beginners who are starting out with photo editing. But if you just want photo retouching help, then FixThePhoto is the best choice for you.

Fix The Photos offers different prices for each category. For Wedding Retouching, it’s $0.25 per image. Newborn and Portrait Retouching cost $6 per image. Product Photo Retouching is priced at $2.50 per image, and Restoration is $30 per image. They have a standard turnaround time of 24 hours and guarantee 100% security for your files. Fix The Photos is a trusted photo retouching company with a strong reputation in the public eye.

3. Ephotovn

Ephotovn is another great photo retouching company with over 200 employees, capable of handling bulk orders effectively. Their team of Photoshop and Lightroom experts ensures you receive professional retouching services at an affordable price. They also provide a free trial, allowing you to test their expertise before placing an order.

Whether you’re in need of ecommerce photo retouching or wedding photo retouching services, Ephotovn is an excellent choice for you. They offer a wide range of photo retouching services, including wedding photo retouching, ecommerce photo retouching, real estate photo retouching, jewelry retouching, model retouching, and much more.

4. Clipping Path Shop

If you’re searching for a photo retouching company that pays attention to detail, Clipping Path Shop is one of the best options for you. They handle all types of retouching to ensure a product looks professional and clean, backed by a quality guarantee. Clipping Path Shop also offers a free trial for up to 5 images, allowing you to experience their skills before finalizing an agreement or placing an order.

With over 150 employees, they have the capacity to deliver 4,000 images in a day. Their photo retouching services start at just $0.59 per image. They prioritize quality, image security, and a fast turnaround time. Additionally, they offer discounts for bulk orders and a monthly payment option for regular clients. If you’re seeking an ecommerce photo retouching company, Clipping Path Shop is the top choice

5. Retouchup

Retouchup is an American-based photo retouching company similar to Pix The Photos. They provide comprehensive photo retouching services at $2.5 per image. Additionally, they offer digital oil painting for just $35 per image. Oil painting is quite challenging and requires an expert retoucher, so their ability to offer this service showcases their professionalism and skill.

Retouchup was established by the team at Hollywood FotoFix, Inc. to offer a photo retouching solution tailored for professional photographers. They provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 24-hour delivery time. There’s no minimum requirement for the number of images when placing an order. Whether you need edits for just a few images or a larger quantity, you can easily place an order and receive excellent retouching service.

6. pixelz

Pixelz is the leading modernized company that offers photo retouching services through a combination of AI and human touch. After signing up on their website, you can adjust and customize your images according to your preferences. They have created a truly excellent client dashboard, allowing clients to request resizing, cropping, and other adjustments. They prioritize image quality and utilize the latest technologies in their photo retouching services.

Their turnaround time is as little as 1 hour, with an on-time delivery percentage of 99.7%. Pixelz processes 40,000 images per day. They offer a wide range of photo editing services, including photo retouching, clipping path, background removal, color matching, invisible ghost mannequin, and shadow creation.

7. We Edit Photos

We Edit Photos is another top-tier photo retouching service provider. With their expertise, they professionally edit your photos within 24 hours. They are renowned for their photo retouching services and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re an event photographer in need of photo culling services, We Edit Photos also provides photo culling at $0.06 per image. This can save you a significant amount of time, and you can then opt for retouching services once the photo culling is complete.

We Edit Photos specialize in professional retouching for wedding, portrait photos, and glamour retouching. They also have a shop where they offer free Lightroom presets. Their services are an excellent choice for wedding photographers who need to edit a large number of images.

8. Zenith Clipping

Zenith Clipping offers a complete solution for ecommerce photography. They provide photo retouching services along with other editing services, including clipping path, image masking, ghost mannequin, background removal, color correction, and more. They have the capability to edit 5000 images per day, with a starting price of just $0.39 per image. Moreover, they offer a 30% discount on bulk orders.

When you’re searching for a photo retouching company, it’s essential to ensure they are professional, highly skilled, and experienced. Zenith Clipping serves as a prime example of a great photo retouching company that values your photos, time, and money.

9. Path Edits

Path Edits holds the top position as a clipping path and photo retouching company, having processed over 8 million images and collaborated with more than 40,000 companies. They boast an excellent public reputation for their outstanding service and customer support. Payment can be made in your local currency, and their work process is truly professional and efficient.

Whether you own a clothing shop or a photography business, Path Edits provides the best solution for editing any type of product image. Their retouching quality is both professional and optimized. They offer clipping path services at $0.39 per image and photo retouching at $0.69 per image.

10. Tradexcel Graphics

Tradexcel Graphics stands out as another excellent photo retouching company. They utilize various filters and techniques to ensure your images look professional, handling tasks from skin retouching to reducing clothing wrinkles with precision. They also offer a range of other photo editing services, including background removal, ghost mannequin effects, clipping path, image masking, and more. Additionally, Tradexcel Graphics provides instant adjustments or corrections and boasts excellent customer service with quick responses.

Tradexcel Graphics offers a guaranteed professional photo retouching service at a competitive price. When it comes to securely outsourcing your image editing needs, Tradexcel Graphics is the best option. They prioritize client confidentiality and ensure the quality of editing.

The Bottom Line

For photographers, photo retouching services are an essential aspect of their job. They can choose to retouch images on their own or opt to hire a professional photo retouching company. Whether it’s wedding photos or ecommerce product images, each requires skilled editing to achieve the best possible outcome.

I have gathered resources and compiled a comprehensive list of photo retouching companies that are capable of editing thousands of images a day while delivering satisfying final results. However, before finalizing an order or hiring a company, it’s advisable to review client testimonials and request a free trial. This step will help you assess whether their work aligns with your expectations.

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